Who is April & Beacon of Light
Writing Services?

April Tribe Giauque is a 2-time Author, an 8-time Ghostwriter, and a 30+time Writing Coach. April's works include two non-fiction works available for sale on Amazon: 

Pinpoints of Light: Escaping the Abyss of Abuse; a book to help women in domestic violence become victors over their circumstances and Out of Darkness, a book to help women on their healing journeys to change their lives completely.

In 2018, April connected with many coaches, business owners, and entrepreneurs and realized that many of them were struggling to complete their books, which she had already done successfully.

So, she has made it her mission to help as many authors as possible with her knowledge.

Now, she dedicates her business, Beacon of Light Writing Services, to help aspiring authors outline, write, and create publish-ready stories for impact, influence, and income.

Over the past four years, April has worked with entrepreneurs, public speakers, coaches, thrivers, and amazing people—such as best-selling author Jim Edwards, taking them from zero pages written to books that change the world.

Now, April is excited to help you finish your book and help you to become a beacon of light to your audience!


Below you will find the four core services that Beacon of Light Writing Services offers:

Proofreading, Line & Copy Editing, Developmental Editing & Coaching, and Ghostwriting!

Be sure to click on the "Learn More" button for each of the services listed below to watch a video containing the details of each service. 
We look forward to hearing from you!


What does a Proofreader do, and why do writers need one?
Authors, your manuscript should have already been through a LINE/COPY edit before you hire a PROOFREADER.

Proofreading is the FINAL process of examining a text for flaws before publication or distribution. I call Proofreading the clean sweep!

I’m looking for the following: minor spelling and punctuation errors, typos, formatting flaws, and inconsistencies; and correcting them. But remember, this is after the author has previously done a line and copy edit.

Benefits of a Proofreader Include: 

  • ​Proofreading ensures that the document is clean and free of errors; I save you time and effort. This means you can stop losing sleep worrying if your manuscript is accurate and ready to publish.
  • ​The second set of eyes eliminates errors, giving you a clean manuscript so you can confidently send your book out to the world.
  • Proofreading services give you a professional manuscript that stands out above all the other flawed books, making yours shine!


I know I need more than a proofread. 
 But what is a Line/Copy Edit?
How does Line and Copy Editing work? 
There are three basic steps:

During line editing, I focus on the flow of your content. I find inconsistent styles, pacing challenges, overuse of words or phrases, and off-topic narratives and point them out to you. I share my feedback and make suggestions with you, and you have the power to add and change my suggestions.

I point out and fix grammar, punctuation, and spacing errors during a copy edit and help fact-check quotes and references. I also eliminate text or rearrange it to improve readability.

The manuscript should go through what I call Two Passes.

I comb through it the first time doing the line and copy edits.

The author goes through my suggestions, fixes them, and
I let the manuscript sit for a short time.

I follow up with a final pass to catch anything punctuation/spacing/spelling that might be missed.

Following those two pass-throughs, the finished product/manuscript will be ready to roll.

You’ll feel confident with your writing and with the structure you have.

Benefits Of Copy/Line Editing: 

  • Copy/Line editing saves you time and effort, which frees you up to help your clients.
  • This professional editing provides you with the cutting-edge clarity for your book, helping you stand out in the sea of flawed books. 
  • You’ll receive valuable feedback and suggestions, thus improving the quality of your work and giving you the utmost confidence in your message.


"Help me, Coach! I'm stuck on my story!"
Developmental Editing is a step of the book publication process in which editors collaborate with authors to address "big picture" concerns in their manuscripts, such as structure, form, story, and character.

HOWEVER, many authors start this process well after much of the book is written, but here is where I’m different.

I start you off on the right foot from the beginning!
We focus on: 
  • Outline
  • ​Framework
  • ​Flow 
  • ​Overall message
I will connect with you FIVE times during the process and provide coaching and written feedback for your book.

As you write, I check for clarity, readability, structure, tense, point of view, and continuity.
Another BIG difference is that I offer line and copy editing after everything has been updated, reshaped, and improved.

All you need to do is complete the Google Form and answer a few questions for me to connect and help you personally. 

Benefits of Developmental Coaching Include: 

  • Developmental Coaching helps you find clarity and connection to what you are trying to convey to your readers so you can stop losing sleep and anguishing over what your message is.
  • Developmental editing coaches you through your writing blocks, helping you find that flow of words, thus saving you headaches and pain.
  • Developmental editing pinpoints why the message/story is or isn’t working, giving you the advantage over every other manuscript.


  "I'm out of time!! Can you help me?"
"I’m out of time, too busy, and unsure if I can pull off writing my book before next season’s speaking gigs. I need a ghostwriter!"

Ghostwriting means you hire a professional writer to write for you! They take on your writing voice, message, and content, making it authentically yours. You are always the author!

I offer a 7-step ghostwriting process that is summarized to look like this:
1) We find out who is your reader.
2) I build a strong outline with you.
3) We hold interviews.
4) I write using your voice.
5) I use research to support your writing.
6) I comb over the finished manuscript with a deep edit.
7) I hand it off to an in-house copy editor to make sure everything is polished and ready to publish.

If you are excited about this process, I have a short form to see if we will be a great match. Then a 30-minute phone call to discover your needs. 

This is a personalized process and time investment.

Let’s make sure it's a great fit to see how I can help you get that book out there for your readers.

Benefits of Ghostwriting Include: 

  • Ghostwriting saves time and money, allowing you to keep growing and managing your work.
  • Ghostwriting pinpoints your voice and message across your writing, making it authentically and confidently yours—no one will know the difference!
  • Ghostwriters become your partner in conveying your message, never leaving you feeling lost or alone while writing your incredible book.
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